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Not sure what your min spec is but on my MacBook Pro (Early 2015, 2.7 GHz, 8 GB DDR3, Intel Iris Graphics 6100) the game runs slow enough that it’s unplayable. There’s a full second delay between input and character movement. If you allowed the window to be resized, maybe a smaller resolution would speed things up enough to be playable for me.

The main character is called a Racoon in the description, a human in the end and looks like an axolotl ;)

is this a scary game?

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The line between scary and amusing / funny is often blurred, especially in this game where there weren't a lot of time for polish

and wow it s super glitchy  the game is lagging

Unfortunately the game's pretty intensive, especially the webgl version, given the amount of lights we put in. Were you able to run fine on the downloadable version? It should perform much better than the web version.

no it s glitchy the downloadable version 

What kind of computer are you running this on? Can you describe the glitches? Admittedly the game's glitchy (some screen tears and parts of the screen become a solid red/orange for a second or two) on my computer as well, but my computer's been needing service and people with better computers run the game without a problem. If your computer's spec is too low then there's not much I can do.

i have a 4 giguabyte computer whith  just some games and i have 2go of space at least maybe i don t have the graphique card .... it s how to say crypting

i just downloaded like a 300mo gameit s normal nothing happenned but neverrmind great work afterall

how to say i have juste 112go of 150

how to unzip

You can use software like winrar or 7zip. If you have access to a linux terminal then you might wanna try the gzip command.




Thank you for playing the game. I hope you enjoyed your time.


Good Game

Ayy. Thank you.


Great game! loved the art!

Glad you like it.


Very good animation and gameplay, in my opinion, it may have a little cost...

Ahh. It was made for a Game Jam so it's standard that we don't charge money. I appreciate the compliment nonetheless.


nice game dude!


I played the game, and I thought it was pretty cool, I made a video if you want to here all my feed back

Thanks a lot for covering the game. I'll make sure to tweak the jump mechanic next time I do a Jam. The intention was if you release the jump button early, you can do a shorter jump (and vice versa, if you hold the jump button you'll jump the maximum height). But i think the jump release might've been too sensitive at times.

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I really loved the twist at the end, and I'm glad I could help find glitches, I know this game was new so I don't get mad at the bugs. If you make any other games I'll be happy to cover them too. anyways, have a good day / night


Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback, hopefully it's useful to you :D

-The main concept and the short story are interesting and fun.

-The visual style is quite good, but the illumination is especially outstanding for me I really liked it :)

-The gameplay mechanics are simple, but that's just what the game needed,also they feel pretty polished and solid.

-I've found a big bug/glitch, after getting inside the small wooden house the game doesn't load the textures of the level until you die once.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thanks for the feedback and for linking yourself playing. We're aware of the bug/glitch you mentioned but haven't figured out what could've caused it :(. The mechanic was simple because we initially wanted to make a horror instead of puzzle game. However, we were short on time, and a horror game without polish doesn't feel great, so we settled with an puzzle platformer.

You are welcome :D


This is so sad. My computer sucks so the frames are too much for it to handle. Im crying bc thi game looks good too.


Did you try the Downloadable version. Admittedly, my computer is on its last legs and can't handle the game on webgl also. But the platform specific version is quite stable for me.

I just did that. The framerate increased soooo much. Thanks.

Glad to be of help. I hope you were able to enjoy the game.

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same for me :(

edit: now i downloaded and it works pretty well


so much well desain 

Thanks for the positive feedback. 


Great game dev 

Thanks for playing! I hope you enjoyed the game. Seeing you play through it was entertaining for me.

Thank you i'm happy you liked it :D